THE SINGING COOK - a celebration of all things delicious

THE SINGING COOK - a celebration of all things delicious

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Now before  you ask dear readers, no, there, is not a spelling mistake in the above title.  Not that I am in any way immune to making the odd spelling mistake here and there... but, this time I can…

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The garden is in full bloom. Edible flowers abound; the tomatoes are ripening - and we’ve already had way too many dinners that revolve around home-grown runner beans. 

Yes - it’s the perfect time for a ‘garden lunch’…

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It’s that time of the year in this part of the world folks  - yup, summertime is well and truly here. 
With it  - joys abound - from bobbing poppies at the edge of ripening fields of wheat, to…

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So guys, no gossip, no Deep Thought, no little stories or anecdotes from the week this time around.

Not that I'm feeling lazy or anything - it's just that I've got Other-Things-To-Do right now.

However, I just…

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It all started because there was no rice. 

The lentils for my dahl  were bubbling happily in a pot, the mix of freshly grown fenugreek leaves, potatoes and tomatoes  that were going to be the vegetable side were…

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I have the lucky chance to be able to talk to different people from around the world on a regular basis and one of the things I often ask is, "What do you have for breakfast?". 

It might…

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Sometimes it's the simplest, tiniest things that can make the biggest difference. You know, those sudden 'aha moments' when you realize that something you'd been taking for granted suddenly has the the power to totally change the game.

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Don't you just love daffodils?...  In my garden they  just came out and are all bobbing about the wind.

They kind of feel like dancing yellow trumpets... heralding the coming of spring.

Inspired by these magical flowers…

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April fools day is just passed and totally unrelated to this (I'm being honest here) I discovered 1) a bag of frozen gooseberries at the back of my freezer which needed to be eaten 2)  a tub of almost-over-it's…

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about this blog

A long time ago I had a beautiful friend who was an amazing singer and also, a fantastic cook. I remember her telling me that singing and cooking go together. At that time in my life,  while I knew I could sing, I didn't yet know that I could cook. ...

Many years later, I discovered that, yes... I could cook and not only that, but it was a great source of joy and a wonderful compliment to the process of song writing and composition.

In the gentle rhythm of chopping or mixing,  tasting and stirring,  a space seems to be  created where ideas bubble up from a deeper source; where lyrics suddenly flow and ideas spring up from nowhere.

This blog collection started off as a present for a dear friend - just for fun. For a while it remained secret, it's presence known to only a few while I experimented to see whether I might be able to write recipes and make photos! Now,  I've decided to share this celebration of 'all things delicious' with you all and hope you enjoy! 

A bit like my own music it doesn't really adhere to any particular 'genre'.  It's simply a log of things I like and have fun with.  Inspired in part by the things going on in my garden, the movement of the seasons and my newfound love of photography, I really have no idea where it will go. However,  like the creative process that governs everything else in my life, including my cooking, the path will be revealed.



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photo of the moment

poppies on the hill...and a friendly bee

poppies on the hill...and a friendly bee

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Birds can do it, bees can do it... wouldn't it be great if we could fly, too?