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It's Chinese New Year today so what better time to share this recipe for a vegetarian version of potsticker dumplings!

These little parcels of yummy-ness are found all over Asia and are very popular especially at this time of year.

They are also popular in South Korea and it feels doubly right to share this recipe at this time - seeing as Korea and the Winter Olympics are so much in the spotlight right now.

By the way, did you catch the opening ceremony? It was so magical to watch! I had goosebumps the…

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This is just a short post but I had to share this discovery with you all!

It all started because I was experimenting last week with trying to suss out how to make the perfect panna cotta. I'm still not there guys - there's a problem with the amount of sugar and I need a bit more wobble in the middle bit... so no recipes  for you all in that direction yet...

But, some friends were coming round and I wanted to serve it alongside some rhubarb compote.

However, once all plated up, I had the feeling the…

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I don’t know about you, but it’s been pretty stormy where we live recently. 
Stormy as in, kind of quite large logs and branches falling from the heavens and crash landing in our garden. 

Luckily, no damage was done. Our roof was still intact, we will still have a hazelnut crop this year… and in fact, after a morning of gathering, chopping and sawing - even better, our firewood supply  had increased ten-fold. 

Which brings me to the subject of today’s blog - fire food.

Now you might be thinking…

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Happy New Year dear readers! 

Now, I don’t know about you but while I gave up making ‘New Year Resolution’s’ years ago, there is still something about the start of a calendar year that feels kind of special. 
You know… as though a nice crisp new blank white sheet of paper has been given to me… a virgin piece of snow not yet open book with empty pages upon which to fill yet unknown tales… 

At the same time, (totally unrelated to the plethora…

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Wouldn't that be great?

A recipe for  a 'Happy Christmas'?...

Or forget about Christmas... what about a simple recipe for Happiness-full-stop?

Now that would really be cooking at its best.


But dear friends, most probably if we are being totally honest there is no such thing as a recipe for any of the things we long for most...

Contentment, Peace... Silence... are all quite illusive at the best of times... 


Nevertheless, a piece of cake now and then for sure helps... ;-)

...and here in this…

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Guys, these have to the cheesiest ever crackers! I'm talking mouse heaven!

( has to be said that the mice I have met in my life were more partial to baby bean shoots in my vegetable plot, than cheese. In fact, when I went to the garden center to buy a humane mouse trap to help with the aforementioned problem, the very nice man told me that I should put a piece of bread and raspberry jam - not cheese - as bait)

Anyway. that's another story...

So, yes - today I want to share this cracker…

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So, enough of cute garden photos with bobbing flowers, pastel colours and sun-dappled dishes...

The clocks have changed, we're heading for mid-winter... and Halloween is just around the corner.

Goodbye light... I'm going to the dark side.

Except this particular dark side is yum.

I'm talking a sticky, witchy, rich, syrupy, deep and delicious kind of dark side.

The best one.

This is actually a Scottish recipe. It's the kind of gingerbread that would be served in some old castle tearoom. It speaks of…

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I know I've talked about there being fashions in cakes before...

However, I was totally unaware that this year, Unicorn Cakes are all the rage.

I first saw them pictured in pinterest... and then discovered full instructions in my baking equipment catalogue.

Still, I wasn't even thinking of making one until my beloved made a specific request (having paged through the catalogue which I had carelessly left lying on the table one breakfast morning)that this was the cake he ( yes he) wanted for this year's…

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I'm just back from the South West Coast of Portugal. It's a part of the world  I've never visited, even though I'm pretty well traveled... and I loved it! It's still untouched, wild, undeveloped and the people are friendly and quiet and really easy and relaxing to be around.

Now, there are many countries I've never visited but I know quite a lot about their food. However, my knowledge of food from this part of the world stretched only to piri-piri chicken.

I don't know about you, but whenever I arrive in …

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It's almost the end of the summer.

You can feel it... there's a slight chill and even with the sun out, the air speaks of colder days and darker nights to come.

And yet, there are still so many surprises in the plant world!

I've been pretty obsessed with edible flowers this year and was already starting the mourn the gradual fading of my nasturtiums and marigolds...

When, suddenly, on a trip to the local garden center, I was greeted by a sea of amazing pots of  all kinds of coloured edible violas!

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about this blog

A long time ago I had a beautiful friend who was an amazing singer and also, a fantastic cook. I remember her telling me that singing and cooking go together. At that time in my life,  while I knew I could sing, I didn't yet know that I could cook. ...

Many years later, I discovered that, yes... I could cook and not only that, but it was a great source of joy and a wonderful compliment to the process of song writing and composition.

In the gentle rhythm of chopping or mixing,  tasting and stirring,  a space seems to be  created where ideas bubble up from a deeper source; where lyrics suddenly flow and ideas spring up from nowhere.

This blog collection started off as a present for a dear friend - just for fun. For a while it remained secret, it's presence known to only a few while I experimented to see whether I might be able to write recipes and make photos! Now,  I've decided to share this celebration of 'all things delicious' with you all and hope you enjoy! 

A bit like my own music it doesn't really adhere to any particular 'genre'.  It's simply a log of things I like and have fun with.  Inspired in part by the things going on in my garden, the movement of the seasons and my newfound love of photography, I really have no idea where it will go. However,  like the creative process that governs everything else in my life, including my cooking, the path will be revealed.



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Seeing as my latest entry is all about what I consider to be the best food to come out of Germany - Stockbrot... here's another song I wrote in German - enjoy!

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A silent, snowy morning... and a hungry bird...