What I love the most about music is that every now and then a magic seems to take over. In that moment, everything disappears. There is no more 'me' - only music and an incredible feeling of joy... ”

— tanmayo


Thanks for stopping by! It's almost a year since I completed my last  album and in that time new ideas and creations have continued to flow. I just started working on my latest project which I'm really excited about. It's still in the secret phase but let me say this much - it's going to be completely different from anything I've done up 'til now. Watch this space for more information.

If you don't know my music, do check out my latest album, 'I lay me down'. It was a collection I wanted to create for a long time - a simple jazz acoustic sound and there you'll see I'm experimenting more with my voice and harp. In addition,  I was  joined by my beloved, Parijat, on the electric guitar. Check out the the video and selected clips below or head for the music page to hear the songs in  more detail. Enjoy!



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...just started working on a new project!

...just started working on a new project!

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There comes a time in life you turn around, see the writing on the wall...”

— tanmayo

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