songs of love and longing

Tanmayo's music embraces many styles. Mixing influences from jazz and gospel with elements of folk and eastern touches, her voice and violin have the power to touch and move all who listen.  A life long musician, Tanmayo sings songs from the heart of longing. Delving deep into her own questions and thirst for meaning in life, she sings of divine love, of grace, of faith and of her own search for truth. Sometimes soft, sometimes strong, she expresses from the edge of the unknown within her soul...


on the world stage

From  meditation halls to night clubs; from jazz to Mozart; from the haunting songs of her native Scotland to the space and silence of  India’s rich classical tradition, Tanmayo's soulful vocals and exquisite violin playing  have graced stages all over the world. Effortlessly bridging the gap between inner and outer, she has toured extensively with some of the top names in the spiritual world music scene including Prem Joshua and Snatam Kaur. 

Over the years she has played at events as diverse as the wedding of Sir Paul McCartney, the Billboard Live club in Miami Beach, the prestigious  'Scottish Malt Whisky Society' in Edinburgh and for an audience of over 10,000 devotees in the Isha Fest, at Jagi Vasdudev’s ashram in South India. 

She has also performed in the presence of Anoushka Shankar and appeared on the same bill as Indian santoor master, Raul Sharma.

A mesmerizing stage artist, she  has enchanted audiences young  and old  - fusing together an intoxicating  mixture of wild abandon, silence, prayer and love.

From Dubai to Dehli, from London to LA, from Singapore to South Korea... with her beautiful voice and mastery on the violin, Tanmayo has touched  hearts around the globe.

from stage to studio

Tanmayo  composes and arranges all her own music  and now has 5 solo CD's to her name.  

A new 'acoustic' style jazz influenced vocal album - ...I lay me down - an exciting new direction - is now out. Lost and Found, released in 2012,  is  an exquisite collection of her own poetry and prayers to the divine - music on the path of love. Her first solo album Dust at your Feet featured a blend of Eastern and Western musical elements and traditions and her second - Celtic Christmas - was a return to her British roots.  Her 4th album, Dewdrops Fall, was created to support the work of the light academy.



a short musical history

  • Tanmayo started learning classical western violin and piano age 7 
  • She learnt to play celtic fiddle music in smoky Edinburgh bars
  • She absorbed the bare rudiments of Indian classical music on stage 
  • She recently learnt  to play the harp
  • She's now learning to play the electric rock guitar...and...
  • She never learnt to sing 

a slightly longer one

One of Tanmayo's earliest memories is learning to  put a record on the record player and place the needle right at the edge. There was always the risk that it would scratch or fall off if you didn't place it just right. But, if that all worked out, then... there was music. Beautiful music. Ballets from Tschaikowsky, Symphonies from Bach. Jazz bands and Operas...
And then she would dance. And become lost in the magic and the movement and the sound... READ MORE...

in collaboration

Tanmayo has also appeared  as a session musician on other artists' albums (see list below) In addition,  her song 'Our Journey Home' from the album 'Lost and Found' is to be included in the sound track of a soon-to-be released inspirational movie from China. Watch this space for more information...

Here - have a little listen!

tours | events | recordings

Adventstournee, Van Someren, 2013 | Hwa Eom Spiritual Music Ritual, South Korea 2011, solo artist | Snatam Kaur, Europe Tour, 2009 | Hwa Eom Spiritual Music Ritual, South Korea 2008, solo artist | East West Alchemy US tour, 2004 | Prem Joshua Europe tour, 2003 - 2005 |  Prem Joshua India tour, 2006 |  Wedding of Sir Paul McCartney with Celtic Ragas band, 2003 | Isha Fest, Coimbatore India, with Manish Vyas 2005 | 1999 - 2001 musician at the Osho Commune International |Musician, singer and storyteller with the ‚Writers and Artists in Public Scheme for the Scottish Storytelling Forum, the 90’s |Regular peformer in the Scottish Storytelling Festival | Celtic Connections Festival, Glasgow | Album appearances:  Catalaya Fay (Journey) | Lex Van Someren (Perle) | Parijat (Prayer to Love, The Healing Path, Blessings) New Earth records | Prem Joshua  (Ahir) White Swan Records | Manish Vyas (Sattva, Prasaad) White Swan Records | Chinmaya Dunster, (Yoga Spirit, Om Shanti) Malimba Records | Milind Date (Songs of the heart)  Polyglobe records | In a split second (Circulation)|Veeresh and the Humaniversity (The Love Spirit) Humaniversity Sound | Leyendecker (Reise) |Samayaa (Sounds Silent) |Satyaa (Kundalini Yoga Mantras)|Bands : Lex Van Someren |Snatam Kaur | Prem Joshua  | East West Alchemy | Celtic Ragas | Manish Vyas and Friends | Gan Ainm, (Singapore) | Ceilich Minogue and the flopsie bunnies| A London Gospel Choir | Television and radio : IMBC_TV, South Korea | Art Central TV, Singapore, 2007 | Radio Scotland |

inside, outside

A disciple of Osho for over 20 years, Tanmayo’s name means "drunk and dissolving". And to her, music is all about just this.
It’s about being so possessed by the sound, by the energy, by the  mystery while playing... that, if one is lucky...  maybe one disappears and only music remains. 

It’s about crying from the heart... crying out the longing to be dissolved in the Beloved. It’s about silent fire, passion, joy, tears and letting go. It’s about being drunk with the divine.”

— tanmayo



In addition to being a musician, Tanmayo has also worked at various times in her life as a dishwasher, onion peeler, childrens' storyteller, business English teacher, theater translator, editor, seller of fine teas and coffees and  tour guide. 

She  enjoys cooking,  gardening and photography, (check out the blog page for more). She also loves dancing,  ice-skating (not quite to Olympic standards but she can do a mean spin) and anything to do with the Minions.