"... I lay me down", Tanmayo's latest collection of songs, is an exciting new direction - with a  jazz acoustic flavor. Full of heart, longing, grace and silence but with an added edge...  
Upon a simple background of piano and jazz bass, here she explores her voice in more depth and the result is a simple yet new mature sound. Playful rifts on Tanmayo's new harp and exquisite electric guitar solos from Parijat bring the collection to a perfect completion.


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a big thank you...”

...dearest Adi, that concert we played in that Berlin Jazz club together was really the start of this project! Girl, you really inspired me with your amazing voice and energy! And  Cataleya, my singer songwriter friend… thank you thank you for your amazing patience and those wonderful intimate voice sessions we had. There’s still a long way to go I know, but it’s really thanks to you that I’m singing with new character, depth and power. And our neighbor, Nadja…  a big warm hug… you were there at the very tender start of so many of these songs… yet you listened with such open-ness and joy and in doing so helped me to bring them out into the open. And Parijat... my beloved…you who hold me every step of the way - so much gratitude that you are always by my side (and not forgetting your amazing electric guitar

A big thank you too, to you,  the people who love and support my music… I’m truly grateful to you all  for taking the time to listen and allow a little piece of my soul into your hearts and life.


This music is dedicated to Osho… my beloved Master.

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My dear friend Adi Wolf from my gospel choir days introduced me to this song and I fell in love with this version by Diana Krall... singing this song was the start of my adventure into the world of jazz... :-)

The thing I love most about this old jazz standard is the final line that goes,'The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.' 


"...tears are flowing. You´re touching me very, very deeply!... " 

"...A goddess voice, very silent, very delicate and very beautiful, beloved Tanmayo, with this music you can die in peace...  " 

"I got goosebumbs listening… ...I love it so much... " 

"... makes my heart move and my longing 'hearable'. Thank you." 

"When I listened to your voice, the feeling was overwhelming--I wanted to do nothing--nothing more was needed because everything was already perfect.

"Absolutely beautiful. " 

"...this music helped me find the way inside of me; to my heart and the deep love inside. "

"...your music is like calm water drops fallen in an open rose,"

" are a monster on the violin!"

"Amazing, beautiful, magical. "

"'s beyond words to describe what it does to me. "

"I haven't stopped listening to it. Simply amazing!!!"